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  • To provide care and support on HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis/ Leprosy, Malaria, Hepatitis, Neglected Tropical Diseases, other communicable and non-communicable diseases including any public health challenge.
  • To promote quality health care through operational research, clinical research and promotion of use of research results to support program development.
  • To work with the military and other organizations to recruit and manage qualified health personnel.
  • To support in the provision of healthcare services for uniformed personnel and their families in Nigeria and globally.
  • To assist organizations, the military and other uniformed personnel in the provision of health infrastructure including buildings and equipment.
  • To train and retraining of organizations, the military and other uniformed personnel to meet specific needs in the health sector.
  • To ensure the right systems are in place to support interventions during national emergencies.
  • To be involved in event planning for seminars lectures fairs, international conferences.
  • To provide of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) services for the military and other uniformed personnel.
  • To generate and provide database that would disseminate critical information on health related issues to other partners.
  • To provide services for optimal health and medical logistics for the military and other uniformed personnel in both peace and conflict periods globally.
  • To use diplomacy to build Military and other uniformed personnel Cooperation in Africa particularly and globally.