About Us

Our History

Health Initiatives for Safety and Stability in Africa (HIFASS) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) incorporated in October 2007 was founded by Chief Dr Roland Oritsejafor a former Minister of State for Defence, Federal Republic of Nigeria (2003 – 2006) due to his desire to give succour to the vulnerable groups and Nigerians at large.  HIFASS was primarily established as a continued effort of the Nigeria Ministry of Defense health services to provide strategic manpower needs for the Military Health Facilities so as to meet the health needs of military personnel, their families and the population around military health facilities, especially for the control of HIV epidemic and other related diseases. But over the years the organization has grown and extended its services beyond the Barracks through strategic partnerships with Nigerian Ministry of Defence (NMoD) and the United States Department of Defense Walter Reed Program in Nigeria (USDoD-WRP-N, International Development Partners, Private Sector Organisations, and other Civil Service Organisations. HIFASS is already contributing to the enhancement of population health in Nigeria, utilizing the extensive military health infrastructure across the country and skilled health professionals (Retired military personnel, civilian doctors and other healthcare providers) to support free and comprehensive HIV care and prevention services for the benefit of all Nigerians. Prevention remains a key strategy in halting and reversing the HIV epidemic in Nigeria.  Currently working in 17 States of the Federation through our projects and programmes, HIFASS supports and has supported vulnerable population such as orphans and vulnerable children, caregivers in households, pregnant women attending antennal care facilities, and providing HIV/AIDS Counselling and Testing Services.

Our motto “passion & partnership” is very dear to us. We are totally committed to a collaborative vision and ever willing to acquire more skills, share information and communicate more effectively with our partners.

Our Goal, Mission & Vision

Goal: Improve access to quality Health Care and Social services through Health System Strengthening, Health Manpower Management, Community Health Services, Trainings and Capacity Building and Health Care Education.

Mission Statement: To collaborate with partners to promote comprehensive and sustainable interventions for public health, support military medicine and health diplomacy for peace, stability and development of communities.

Vision: Enhancing Healthier and Safer Communities.

Our Primary Targets

  • Vulnerable Groups (under five children, adolescent girls and Young women, pregnant women, OVCs, malnourished children, care givers, internally displaced persons and victims of natural disaster).
  • People living with HIV/AIDS.
  • Military Personnel and Civilians around selected military locations.
  • Retired military personnel who are engaged to provide services.

Aims and Objectives

  • To provide care and support on HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis/ Leprosy, Malaria, Hepatitis, Neglected Tropical Diseases, other communicable and non-communicable diseases including any public health challenge.
  • To promote quality health care through operational research, clinical research and promotion of use of research results to support program development.
  • To work with the military and other organizations to recruit and manage qualified health personnel.
  • To support in the provision of healthcare services for uniformed personnel and their families in Nigeria and globally.
  • To assist organizations, the military and other uniformed personnel in the provision of health infrastructure including buildings and equipment.
  • To train and retraining of organizations, the military and other uniformed personnel to meet specific needs in the health sector.
  • To ensure the right systems are in place to support interventions during national emergencies.
  • To be involved in event planning for seminars lectures fairs, international conferences.
  • To provide of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) services for the military and other uniformed personnel.
  • To generate and provide database that would disseminate critical information on health related issues to other partners.
  • To provide services for optimal health and medical logistics for the military and other uniformed personnel in both peace and conflict periods globally.
  • To use diplomacy to build Military and other uniformed personnel Cooperation in Africa particularly and globally.