I want to welcome you to Health Initiatives for Safety and Stability in Africa (HIFASS), a Non-Governmental, Not- for- Profit Organisation that started its operation few years ago with the mission of addressing the welfare of military personnel, their family as well as population around the military barracks across the country with particular interest in health related issues. Our vision is all about PASSION & PARTNERSHIP.

Over the years we have gradually migrated to population health, using our experiences to build the organisation and our young workforce, especially in the area of leadership at all levels. The leadership is based on God’s values of love, experience, selflessness, respect and dignity for humanity.

We are committed to utilize our different challenges to build an organisation that can meet with international best standards and compete with any in the world. We encourage a broad based all-inclusive horizontal style of management that deemphasizes individual efforts but embraces team spirit.

Finally, we are committed to pulling all our resources together to build an organisation that will present an opportunity for all of us to operate freely within a laid down framework and at the same time be free to achieve personal goals. We are putting in place a leadership that is not only willing to achieve results within acceptable constraints but also seeks to remove all constraints; a leaddership positioned to unlock potentials in others, to cultivate best attitude at the workplace and encourages the joining of hands together to build a better world.

I want to thank the people who work every day to fulfil our organisation’s mandate. The HIFASS team is a small, yet passionate group of people who produce powerful outcomes. I also want to thank all our funders and partners who have supported the initiative. I am incredibly thankful that others see the value of this dream and support us in so many ways.


Chief Dr Roland Oritsejafor
President Board of Trustees